The Magazine for Dysfunctional Roleplayers

ISSUE 1 : Autumn 1998

Welcome to issue 1 of Critical Miss: the magazine for dysfunctional roleplayers. In this issue, and in the issues to come, we hope to offer a varied mix of articles, stories, scenarios and rules suggestions. Some will be serious, some not-so-serious, but we hope they'll all be entertaining.
But for now, here's issue 1. We like it. We hope you do too.

Jonny Nexus, Editor, Critical Miss Magazine.

GMing With Nothing - A Five Step Guide
GMing tonight? No scenario? No ideas? Well stop panicking, put the prozac away and prepare to bluff, bullshit and deceive your players with our five step guide to GMing when you have absolutely nothing.

Games Without Tears
Roleplaying is supposed to be full of high emotions, titanic struggles, and even, sometimes, outbreaks of extreme violence - between the characters NOT the players. Here we present a few simple guidelines to ensure that the conflict stays where it belongs - within the game.

Roleplaying In A Modern World
No vampires. No lightning bolts. No magic. Just crime, guns and a fair dose of violence. A discussion of setting roleplaying in the modern world.

Day to day life sucks for Dave and has done for some time. Now a madman called Frankie's back in his life and things are about to go from merely unpleasant to actively crap. A story by Jonny Nexus.

Getting the Message Across
A technical breakdown of how the X-BoatNetwork in Traveller works.

Backhanders and Dodgy Deals
Lie, cheat and steal in our modern-day game of crime and corruption, featuring a revolutionary new game engine: the Bribe System.

Dream Park On a Budget
Dream Park's a game best enjoyed tongue-in-cheek, but does the Dream Park provide too realistic a venue? Here we suggest an alternative that a lighter, more humorous take on the Dream Park experience.

The Storm Planet Rescue Game
A Dream Park scenario that allows characters to bravely travel where no sentient life forms have travelled before.

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