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How James Wallis Ruined My Character's Life

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We've been playing, interspersed with a few other WFRP scenarios, the Enemy Within campaign.

This is probably *the* classic WFRP campaign. In fact, the French RPG magazine Casus Belli awarded it (jointly) the title of the best roleplaying campaign ever. It was originally published by Games Workshop, but when it was reprinted by Hogshead Publishing, they decided to make a few improvements. In words freshly pasted from the Hogshead website:

"What's more, the Hogshead edition has been expanded with an extra 14 pages of introductory adventure, titled Carrion up the Reik, designed to ease the transition between the end of Death on the Reik and the start of this adventure."

NOTE:- None of the following should be taken as criticism of the product. WFRP is an excellent game, The Enemy Within is a superb campaign, Carrion Up The Reik, with the exception of the mean, vicious plot development which forms the basis of this rant, is probably* an excellent scenario, and James Wallis, besides being a close, personal friend of mine**, is a really great guy.

WARNING:- This article does contain a few (very minor) spoilers about the Enemy Within campaign, so if you are planning to play this campaign you might want to stop reading now.

* I say probably, because being a player, I haven't read any of the books, so I don't know which bits are Death On The Reik, which bits are Carrion On The Reik, and which bits of Power Behind The Throne. The only person who knows this is General Tangent (the GM) so its his explanation as to the cause of the "mean, vicious plot development" that I'm relying on.

** When I say "close, personal friend", I do of course mean it in the Hollywood sense of: "bloke I've met three times who seemed pretty okay".

But first we should define who my character is.